Our mission is to provide a simple and reliable way to get insured

Our story

Life brings about a lot of risk. From road accidents, theft of property, fires, sudden illnesses to losing income. All these are things that can lead to one incurring huge financial losses. Insurance, when done right, can provide peace of mind by protecting one from possible loss due to unforeseen future events.

However, this is almost always not the case. For most, Insurance is a necessary evil. This is because of all the hurdles one has to go through just to get an insurance policy. Be it a medical cover, car insurance or home insurance.

1. Endless phone calls to agents and insurers to compare prices

2. Mountains of paperwork to fill before getting insured

3. A painful process for filing claims (many of which are denied on unclear grounds)

4. Forgetting to renew the insurance on time

These are just some of the problems we encounter on a daily basis with regards to Insurance.

Insurance should be a complement to life, not a source of agony and pain.

We believe there is a better way. Getting insurance should be an item that you can quickly tick off from your todo list and get on with your life.

We believe it should take less than 3 minutes to shop for and buy an insurance policy.

We believe it should be easy to file claims and get reimbursed in a timely approach.

That is why we are building CoverHunt, a new way to shop, buy insurance and make insurance claims, all from the convenience of your device. The best part? Everything

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- CoverHunt team

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