Do you have the right insurance partner?

04 May 2020

Think of a shirt size, your shoes size…maybe even the size of your dinner plates (no specific emphasis to any group of people hailing from Western parts of the earth), does “one size fit all”? Not anything serves the purpose. Or worse still the size that once fit may evolve to squeeze later. Remember your favourite shirt when you were ten: needed a change when you were 15, as you had grown. Similarly, insurance is no different without the right partner.

Insurance provides peace of varied nature to varied individuals. This has shaped introduction of new products, albeit at snail’s pace, to match market demands.

More receptive People functions in organisations now appreciate family sizes of employees in the design of medical covers. As such, they demand and get design for tailored covers including features like staggered benefits expansions with the increase of family size. For instance, outpatient running from KES 100,000 cover for a member only, KES 150,000 for a member + 1 dependent and so on.

On the motor front, previously excluded events such as terrorism and riots are now covered at additional premiums. Needless to point out the excess protector cover and additional rider benefits that could allow you to sleep deeper at night. No more worries your car parked outside could cost you a random KES 50,000 if it got stolen while you catch the much-deserved sleep after the hassles of Nairobi early mornings and late evenings.

What’s more? The implementation of digital insurance certificates has gotten rid of the need to worry about getting to your insurance branch in time, planning that trip and the wait in queue, or frantically calling Njoroge wa Insurance (the guy handed over to you from the family lineage).

With global pandemics and uncertainties, does the possibility of redundancy have to spell doom to your family? Does the loan backed Subaru have to get axed as the bank or Sacco comes calling? Insurance has got you sorted.

In the advent of the change, which is about to get much faster, you need the partner tailored to fit your needs. One cutting you slack from the struggles to keep up with the change, keep track of the policies, and walk you on the ABCs in the event of loss. The guy who explains the clauses, exclusions and the jargon with your interests in mind.

We are here to update you as soon as the change is looming. Our support team is available 24/7 to listen to your needs and our partners keen to make your experience with insurance rosy. You’ll find our app to have been thought out for you, give you a pool of options to pick out of. Join the list and look out for our app and more exciting articles!

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