Digital Insurance in Kenya 101

07 May 2020

What is this digital motor insurance certificate insurance thing?

To understand digital certificates, it is important to take a step back and understand what an insurance certificate is. An insurance certificate, also commonly known as an insurance sticker is a document issued by the insurance company. It contains a few key details about the insurance and provides verification of the insurance. This is not to be confused with the policy document, which is the evidence of the contract between the insurance company and you, the insured. The digital/ virtual insurance certificate is basically a soft copy version of the insurance certificate.

How is the digital certificate different from the traditional certificate?

The details and appearance of the virtual or digital certificate are similar to the traditional certificate. The main difference is that the digital certificate is in soft copy and is shared via digital means like email.

How do I get one?

As a motor insurance customer, you do not need to do anything else on your end. On buying insurance, the insurance company should share the certificate via email. This certificate should then be printed out and displayed on the windscreen

How do I make sure my certificate is valid?

Option 1:

Dial *352#. You will be prompted for details like the vehicle registration number, insurance certificate number and chasis number. You should get a message confirming whether the certificate is valid

Option 2:

Download the AKI VIC Verification app and scan the QR code on the virtual certificate.

Do I still need to display the certificate?

Yes, you are still required by law to display the certificate on your car. Make sure to print a colored certificate

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